People often get confused with SOLITUDE and LONELINESS. Solitude is explained as the state or situation of being alone. Solitude is our self chosen state of being alone . Solitude is the joy of being alone and is empowering whereas loneliness is the pain of being alone.Those who find them lonely can indulge themselves in some productive activity like reading,writing or crafting. Solitude is the state of being alone especially when this is peaceful and pleasant.


I believe it is possible to be whole in any circumstance if you are willing to do the work. However, I also believe there are times in our lives when surrendering to solitude is the best medicine.

Yes, surrendering to solitude is the best thing sometimes. Many a times we need some space and time for lves and sometime being alone makes our mind healthier.

Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D. reports spending time alone:

  • Allows your brain to “turn off” and unwind
  • Improves concentration and increases productivity
  • Makes room for self-discovery
  • Allows space for deep thought
  • Helps you work through problems more efficiently
  • Can enhance the quality of your relationships with other

Take out time for yourself , get up early in the morning go for a lone walk, keep your mind calm and admire the beauty of nature. Spend one whole day in solitude (Being alone but in front of any electronic device does not mean being in solitude) and think about yourself ,your life and yes please catch only positive vibes. staying positive is most important otherwise your mind can get disturbed. You can even meditate or do any sort of yoga. Solitude helps you in attaining inner peace.


The next time you find yourself alone, whether by choice or not, consider it an opportunity. Explore your inner world, meditate, practice yoga. You may surprise yourself by finding the peace you have been seeking elsewhere lies within you. The feeling you get being in solitude is unexplainable. Its a complete bliss.



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Hi guys,

So here I am with my first post. Ok first let me introduce my page.This page is all about the Delima we have in our mind , solution to problems which we can’t share with others . Its about the darker side of the society and how to deal with it .

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    Insensible Media (Kamlesh ‘soluchan’)

    If you are active on social media, you might be aware of a certain video where a teenager, named Kamlesh, who talks about his addiction for ‘solution’. And thanks to the trolls out there, the boy has been the subject of various memes and videos. Its so shamefull for us that we are making memes and joke out of the boy who desperately needs our help. We all have turned so inhumane that we are disregarding the fact that these these drug addict people need our help and instead making out jokes of them. You all must be aware of Kamlesh ‘soluchan‘. The social sites are flooding with memes and jokes upon him and his dialogues – “dhun dhun dhun..” , ” ek din nahi liya tha to khoon ki ultiyan huin thi” . But there is a harsh reality behind these trolls. Harsh is the reality of those drug addicts. Kamlesh is a drug addict to solution. The filmaker and writer, Dheeraj Sharma took a walk around Delhi, Cannought place talked to drug addicts and made a documentary on them. He revealed the extreme drug addiction in those homeless kids. They are first introduced to intoxicating solvet which results in quagmire of heroine addiction. He made the documentary NASHEBAAZ- The Dying People of Delhi. The documentary was first showcased in London film festival in 2016. It won first prize at the festival. Its a heart touching movie which showcases the prevalent of drug addiction in people. Its a very sensitive topic , I can’t understand how people can be so insensitive and consider it as a joke. And our media has a huge hand in doing so. Its a sad reality of our society that everyone is interested in soluchan trolls but nobody gave a dammed to his story. Drug addiction a very serious topic and needs attention of authorities in positive sense. Grow up people, get some senses, behave like humans. People making and sharing trolls on these poor people will later blame government for not doing their duties. Are we doing our duty?…think and answer. Easiest way to get rid of your problems is to blame others. Considering our moral responsibility we aren’t doing anything but blaming government for everything. If you can’t help anyone then atleast don’t create jokes out of them. Its really very shamefull. Listen people we need to change ourselves and then the society will change.

    Drug abuse is not the joke.

    Bring the change in you.

    Here is the clip of Kamlesh from movie NASHEBAAZ. ..

    -Akanksha Singh

    How to prevent ourselves from getting raped according to our society

    Hey guys so here I am with my new post regarding one of the biggest issue of today – MOLESTATION. All these days the most common news we get to hear is a molestation news. Be it a 18 months girl or a 50 year old women nobody is safe these days. And in most the cases victim is to be blamed be it a girl or a boy. In very rare case justice is done .

    These highly cultured people with there most virtuous mindset are giving us pro tips on how we prevent ourselves from being raped.*slow claps*

    1. Don’t go out late at night it is not safe.

    2. Don’t go out too early in the morning it is not safe.

    3. Hey , don’t wear revealing clothes u are inviting it.

    4. Good girls don’t do late night parties.

    5. You are spoiled if you are wearing tight or short clothes.

    6. Wearing makeup is asking for attention and you would definitely get it.

    7. Showing off your legs is a sin.

    8. If you have done sex before then rape should not be thing to u.

    9. Get married cause married women don’t get raped.

    10. Hey where is your dupatta, nobody should know that you have breast.

    11. Talking with boys means you are interested.

    12. Don’t stay out of the house its not safe.

    13. Sit properly. Talk softly.

    14. Accept the fact that they are boys and sometimes they commit mistakes.

    15. If anything of this ever happens to you then just shut your mouth up.

    16. Girl you are… so never dare to touch alcohol or cigarette otherwise all the fault is yours.

    These are the only few of the tips given by highly esteemed people of our society.

    Guys we just need understand a simple thing and that is our mentality. All we need to change is our mindset towards things. What if when a 2 year girl was molestated, Was she wearing the revealing clothes? Or was partying with cigarettes and drinks? Oh…now I get it… she must have seduced that bloody rapist. Girls in skirts our raped, girls in sarees are also raped . So its never about our clothing. People are not safe be it in the house or out of the house. More than strangers girls are raped by their own acquaintances. Leave about girls even boys are being raped.

    Though our safety is in our hands and need to be careful about places or people we choose. But its never that doing certain things and living life your way means we asking for it. We don’t need to change ourselves what needed to be changed is our mindset. I don’t know what our society is becoming. Conditions are worsening day by day. Its high time now this problem is increasing day by day. We need to change ourselves our thinking our mindset . We need to find solution to this problem. Break the silence and speak up. Take Stand for the right cause.

    -Akanksha Singh


    Ok this word has really caused a huge havoc in everyone’s life. We all our social animals, although we hate the society we live in .

    Everyday, everywhere, in every place we hear people criticising our society. For every crime thats happens .. society is to be blamed . There is a murder blame the society. For every crime n sin society is to be blamed. People these days don’t take up the responsibility for anything and just slams the innocent society.

    The best way to win and hide your deeds is to just bring in the society in the debate and for sure the ace is your hand.

    Children blame society cause it impose restrictions on their will. Parents blame society cause it allow their children to do their will. Those so called patriots(not the real heroes) barking on social media shoots on society for every sin ever happened.

    But who is SOCIETY?

    You are society. I am society. We all are society. Is there anyone else?…Then who are we blaming in real?… think about it…still.. ‘SOCIETY’…?

    Don’t go for changing the world you will be lost, bring the change in you. Focus on yourself, focus on your KARMAS. Because what you sow is what you reap. So stop blaming society for everything, correct yourself.

    Don’t change the society, change yourself and everything else will be changed.


    -Akanksha Singh

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